Did It Myself: The Peplum Top Project

Hey guys! Hope you all are having a Fabulous Friday. I recently turned my bodycon dress (similar to the one in the above picture off of Tumblr) into a peplum top & I had to share the results! I had a grey and black bodycon tribal print dress,  I liked the print of the dress but it was a little too big and it was a piece that I never wore. You all know that I always come up with these  bright ideas to reinvent my clothes!   So I thought why not alter the dress that I never wear into a peplum top?!


(This is the piece of the dress I used after it had been cut! The original bodycon dress was this print!)

I jumped onto youtube and searched for a tutorial on D.I.Y. peplum top. After watching a few of them I discovered how to properly fold and cut a peplum. I decided that it would be extra cute if I added leather to the piece (sidenote: that random leather that I have sitting around the house has really come handy!) I let the grey and black tribal print serve as the top portion of the shirt and I used the leather the create the peplum.


To further explain, I tried on the dress and marked where I wanted the tribal print to stop which would also be the point at which the peplum portion started. After I did this I took to dress off and cut where I had marked the dress. As you can see the image above is of the top of the dress after it had been cut. Next I took out some black leather and followed the directions from the tutorial video on how to properly cut the peplum. Then I used the sewing machine to connect the two pieces and  vuala I had a peplum top!



I loved the end result! What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Did It Myself: The Peplum Top Project

  1. YESSS CHARLA!!!! you are so brilliant and creative. Seriously love this!! (looks for something to send you:) you are FABULOUS babylove.

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