Hair Interview with Faith

Have you ever had a good friend that you lost touch with over the years because of life changes or distance. Years later, you have an opportunity to catch up with that friend and it’s like NO TIME has past? It’s like you guys still share the same connection that you had when you first met? Well I’ve only had that experience with a select few people and today’s feature is one of them. Miss Faith is a friend that Charla and I met in high school. She is smart, beautiful, funny, creative & has FAB HAIR!! She also has her own blog , youtube channel, plus she makes/sells her own cute trinkets! We just had to ask her to answer a few questions for us! Catch up with Faith below: 

When did you decide to go natural and why?
–I decided to go natural during the summer of 2009. What brought me to
this decision was a haircut I hated and a desire for change. I got an
abundance of inspiration to embrace my natural hair from watching
Youtube. I transitioned for 8 months, and Big Chopped on May 28, 2009.
I will be celebrating my 3 year Nappiversary this year.

Describe your hair.
–Currently my hair length is 3 inches away from BSL (Bra Strap
Length). I don’t like to categorize my hair into a group as I have
several hair textures through my head. Originally my hair was very
tightly coiled and kinky but after several blow outs and flat irons my
hair is now a coily wavy texture.


What’s your hair routine? And/or How do you maintain your gorgeous
–When I am not wearing a protective style such as braids, twist, or
weaves, I start with detangling my hair weekly with water and
conditioner followed by a co-wash with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration
conditioner, I shampoo every 2 weeks with J/A/S/O/N Biotin & Chamomile
Sulfate Free Shampoo.  If I shampoo, I always do a deep treatment with
either Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pack or with yogurt, eggs,
and conditioner. This helps revitalize my hair and promotes maximum
moisture which in turn will increase my length retention and reduce the
amount of split ends and breakage. I also wear a variety of protective
styles. Currently I have senegalese twist which protect my hair from
the root to the end. If I am not wearing twist I am typically wearing
wigs that either hide all of my hair or 3/4 of my hair. When I really
don’t feel like being bothered and money is low, I go to my staple styles
such as the crowned braid or twist, the classic twist out and puff, or
sleek up do bun.  You can never go wrong with these styles because once
styled there is minimal to no manipulation. Regardless of the style I
am wearing, before I go to bed I ALWAYS wear a satin scarf or bonnet.

What are your hair goals?
–The ultimate goal I have set for myself is to correct all my heat damage
that I have sustained. By correct I mean the strands that are loosely
wavy will revert back to the curly wavy. Another goal is to only apply
heat to my hair when I am due for a trim and that should be once every
6 months. My last goal is to retain more length. I would like to be bra
strap length by February of 2014.

What is the greatest lesson that you have learned through your natural
-The greatest lesson I learned is that my hair is not the next person’s
hair. No two people’s hair is the same so there is no reason to
negatively compare yours to the next woman. Your hair will do what you
train it to do. Training of-course takes patience and patience takes
action and dedication. Hair is like a flower, just like you cannot
expect a flower to grow over night, you cannot expect your hair to grow
over night. Hair will grow when its treated right. I have trained my
hair to respond positively by giving it the proper nutrients, protein,
and moisture it seeks.

We love your blog! It’s so cool how creative you are (the earrings &
different creations that you make) What inspires you?
–My family is my first inspiration. My father has always been a jack
of all trades and always encourages all of his children to explore
their talents. I have learned what hard work is from both my parents as
nothing has been handed to us on a silver platter. With that being said
I made an oath to myself when I decided to go natural that I was going
to use this opportunity to find the deeper me and identify all the
things that make me happy. Sharing my experiences and helping others
was one of the main things and that is what pushed me to become a
youtube blogger. I wanted to represent all the ladies who may not be
considered a “guru”…(I don’t like that word lol) but who had just as
much advice and encouragement to offer. I have always had a desire to
design clothes but since I couldn’t draw or even sketch I channeled my
creativity through various DIY projects that I have now perfected and I
am now able to put my own style in each item.


Any upcoming events or anything else you would like to add:
–I am always hosting a giveaway on either my blog or youtube channel.
This month’s giveaway is currently open until Friday, April 5th. Check
out my youtube channel for more details.

Also, a couple of friends and I will be hosting a Mother Daughter DIY
Craft event in May. The date has not been set yet however I will post
any updates on my blog & instagram page.

How can people contact you?
My Online Accessecory Boutique:

Thanks again FAITH!!! XOXO


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