Cool Spots: Graces Mandarin The National Harbor

If you are looking for a spot with great food and nice scenery you should check out Graces Mandarin at the National Harbor. Graces is fine Asian Fusion Cuisine, I’ve been here a few times and have enjoyed myself each time. My most recent visit was last week, I enjoyed the Duck and Pineapple dish! I’ve never tried duck before, this dish reminded me of chicken but a slightly different taste with a dash of sweetness due to the pineapples.

The presentation of the dish was awesome! I mean check out that pineapple. From my understanding duck can have a variety of different tastes depending on how it’s prepared. I liked the taste and would definitely try duck again!

I also got a ‘Banana Cappuccino’ dessert drink, the drink looks pretty BUT you can most definitely TASTE the alcohol in it. It was a little strong in my opinion and left a sharp after taste but I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to trying it again.


From the second floor of Graces is an awesome view of the Harbor! It would be a great place for an intimate date night or serve as great scenery during the day time. The decor is gorgeous and the atmosphere sets a mellow cool vibe! They have a magnificent sushi menu as well so I will be returning to try that!

Have you ever been to Graces? If so, did you enjoy yourself? If not, would you want to try this spot out?


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