Wet n’ Wild Lipstick Review!


Hey guys! I hope you all are having a Fabulous Friday! Today’s post is dedicated to Wet n’ Wild Lipstick products. Now as you all know I love to find quality products for a great deal. Within the past year, I have had the urge to try different shades of lipstick. Now I don’t know about you but I cannot afford to waste money on experimenting with different lipsticks that may or may not compliment me.

The above picture is my current Wet n Wild Lipstick Collection lol. On the front row from left to right are the following colors, 919 B, 908 C-Sugar Plum, 911 D-Stoplight Red, 966 Don’t Blink Pink, 967 Dollhouse Pink, and 900 B Pink Suga. On the back row from left to right are, 508 A and 521 A-Fuchsia with Blue Pearl.

Last summer I ran across a few Wet n Wild lipsticks at a store called “5 and below” they were only $1.99 a piece so I thought to myself what the heck why not try a few! I purchased 3 different shades initially and I loved how the darker shades looked on me.  I also found 2 shades (in the picture above the 2 lipsticks on the back row) for only .99 cents. As you can see from the above picture the lipstick on the back row to the right (A-Fuchsia with Blue Pearl) has been through some things lol! So far it has been my favorite shade! I have it on in the picture below.


I decided to write this review because my last purchase of the shade 908 C- Sugar Plum was AWESOME!  When I tell you guys I applied the lipstick at 8:15 am, ate breakfast, drank 2 cups of coffee (don’t judge me!), 2 bottles of water and started to eat lunch @ 1:28pm and  it was still on! (The only reason why it came off was because I scrubbed it off!) I promise it is the truth! I was truly SHOCKED! And I immediately text my sister and told her about it! So I had to share the good news on the blog! 

The only thing that I am not too fond of is the packaging. To go into detail, I mean that the wording/label on the outside fades overtime. Actually you can somewhat see what I am talking about from the first picture. On the first row 919 B(1st) and 911 D-Stoplight Red(3rd) the black is fading, the other four lipstick are newer so they haven’t lost their color on the container yet. But what can I say you get what you pay for there has to be some sort of disadvantage for the price, I mean it is only $1.99. In the picture below I am wearing (919 B).


Now I am not saying by any means that this is the best product out there. But if you are in the experimental ‘lipstick’ stage I strongly suggest that you try it! I now know what does and does not work for me so I will continue to use certain shades made by Wet n Wild and explore others. 


In the above picture I have on 911 D- Stoplight Red. I really like the way this color looks on me as well. 

All in all, I’ve had a great time experimenting with Wet n Wild. Have you tried any Wet n Wild lipstick shades? If so, did you find your purchase to be worth it?


8 thoughts on “Wet n’ Wild Lipstick Review!

  1. Oh 5-Below. Gotta love it. I’ve never bought makeup from there besides the rare nail polish, but next time I am in I should give the makeup section more of a look. I didn’t even know they sold lipstick.

  2. I love these shades on you! I have never used wet ‘n wild but it seems very affordable. Is that the typical price or they were on sale? I am def searching for a staple lip color but I haven’t found one that I’ve fell in love with! Great post!

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