Recently I wrote a post about my love for thrift shopping. Well not only do I thrift but I love to come across great sales as well. This past weekend I found an awesome sale at Kohl’s and I was able to purchase a number of great items for an unbeatable deal. I purchased 5 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 pair of shoes, and a tie for a grand total of…


So let me begin by giving you a little detail on the sale. There were a lot of items marked down throughout the store. The mark downs that I found ranged  from 50% off to 85% off.  Now, enough with the percentages lets start naming prices. (NO WORRIES WE WILL DO THE MATH AT THE END)

As I previously stated I purchased 5 tops (pictured above). Three of the tops (black/blue&white stripped/orange) that I purchased were originally $20.00 a piece. All three were 50% off making them each $9.99. The other two tops (blue/pink) which were designed slightly different and made from a different material were initially $28.00 a piece but they were 77% off, which brought the price down  to $6.30.

The original price of the black shoes (pictured below) that I purchased was 79.00. They were marked down by 60% which brought the price down to $31.60.

The original price of the yellow bottoms below was $48.00 they were 77% off making them $10.80. The teal pair were initially $54.00 and they were marked down 85% which brought the price down to $8.10. I also purchased a tie (for my honey) that was originally priced at $32.00 for $7.20 because it was discounted at 77% off.

Now I know these are  a lot of numbers and percentages but bare with me, I promise I am almost to the point.

My final find were a pair of blue heels (pictured below) they were originally$59.99 but were priced down to $24.00 because they were discounted by 60%.

Now onto the math my grand total rang up as 124.27 (31.60 + 24.00 + 7.20 + 8.10 + 10.80 + 9.99(3) +6.30(2)) …BUT… I also had a coupon with Kohl’s for an additional 30% off of my total purchase. This discount is offered to individuals who have a Kohl’s charge card. (Which lets be frank I only have one because I use to work at Kohl’s a few years ago.) I do not use it often but I will use it when great deals come around like this. I ensure that I have the money that I am putting on my card in advance so when my bill arrives I can pay it flat out.

 Any-who, the coupon brought the total down to $86.98 and then with tax added I got the grand total of $91.33.  At the bottom of the receipt it always shares the total amount that you saved on your visit that day. My total amount saved was $218.62!

Oh but it didn’t stop there! lol I also received $10.00 in Kohl’s cash, which means I can go back and use it as a ten dollar credit towards a purchase at a later date!

I love to shop and I find it even more enjoyable when I come across spectacular sales. Now I know this may sound like a commercial but my reason for sharing is to point out that there are ways to look nice at an affordable price. Anytime I can share fantastic finds with you guys I will!

Have you found any great sales lately?


2 thoughts on “SpectacularSales&FantasticFinds

  1. Great post! I think everybody should know how to get the best deals. Especially, during these times when we are in a comeback mode with our economy. Also, I think it can be a benefit to those who are looking to save a bit more or get their finances in check. Luv it!

    • First let me say I love your name! And I completely agree! People have the ability to find things that they want or love at an affordable price especially with the current state of the economy. Thank you for reading!

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