Thinking Outside Of The Box-Part 2


I had another opportunity to challenge my creativity by making more personalized photo boxes for two individuals who really mean a lot to me. One was created for my best friend and little sister Lyndsey (you guys should remember her from the “Track Experiment” post) and the other was created for my former babysitter Ms. Robin!

Lyndsey’s personalized photo box was created for her 21st birthday (top image)!  Her photo box was black and had an animal print theme, it included a picture collage in the background of the inside of the box as well have her birth date and age on the outside of the box. I really tried to capture her personality and its screams “girly girl” lol


Ms. Robin’s personalized photo box was created “per request” (images below). I was so excited and super anxious when she asked me to make one for her. I really wanted her to love it! She told me that her favorite color was orange and to make sure it was included then she allowed me to simply be creative and surprise her with the outcome. Her shadow box was black with a gold and orange color theme. Everytime I thought of her, ‘woman of God’ would come to mind. So, I decided to make that the main focus of her photo box. The inside of the box included a framed image of her and a gold cross in the background. The outside of the box included a poem entitled, “Arise Woman of God” by M.S. Lowndes. Her reaction to the end result made my day. I have never had anyone appreciate my creativity the way she did, she truly made me feel like my talent had a purpose. Talk about an indescribable feeling!



Overall I was very satisfied with the final results and I was happy that I was able to reflect who they are as individuals through the photo boxes.

What do you think about the outcome of these personalized photo boxes?!


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