Straw Set Experiment

So I’m going to the CIAA this weekend & I wanted to try something new! I’m NICCCCCCEEE *Fab voice* at flexi rods (literally I could flexi rod my hair in less than 20 minutes flat intoxicated if I had to….. NO LIE NO LIE NO LIEEEEE). I’ve never tried a straw set but figured I could try to straw set my hair since it’s the same concept as flexi rods. I washed and conditioned my hair with Jane Carter Solutions Conditioner. I then parted my hair into 4 sections.

I put Coconut Oil, Jane Carter’s Revitalizing Leave In Conditioner, & Design Essential’s Twist and Set Lotion on each section of my hair before I rolled it.

I started in the back and parted my hair into tiny sections. I took one straw at a time and wrapped my hair around the base of the straw about three times before moving up the straw, once I reached my scalp I used a bobby pin to attach my hair to the straw.Β  I used about 50 straws in total.

I slept in the straws and sat underneath my hood dryer for about 10 minutes in the morning to ensure that my hair was completely dry. When taking the straws out I took out the bobby pin, squeezed the bottom of the straw and gently pulled to release the curl. This was the final result:


I noticed a few differences from when I flexi rod my hair:

  • The straw set took longer to complete then flexis (about a hour and a half) but that’s to be expected because the parts are smaller
  • In my opinion, straws are EXTREMELY more tolerable to sleep in then flexisΒ  (this slightly shocked me because the material that flexi rods are made out of feels softer in my hands than a straw does)
  • Straw sets are smaller more defined curls

Hopefully the curls will last longer! I will make a video soon, showing exactly how I achieved this look (I’m waiting to see if this good ol ‘Sequestration’ pops off before I make any big purchases lol) but for now pictures will do.


I think it turned out great especially for my first time. What do you think? Have you ever tried a straw set? If so, how did you like your results?


10 thoughts on “Straw Set Experiment

  1. They came out very nice! I don’t have the patience for the straws or the drying lol. I am also thinking of what to do to my hair for CIAA. I am leaning very hard towards a roller set like Char Jay (160daya2loose) on YouTube did. Hoping it comes out like hers! Her set was perfect!

  2. Thanks everybody! It does take a little patience but I think the results are worth it. That being said, I would straw set every now and then but not too often cuz it’s ALOT of work lol

  3. I have been wanting to try this for yeaaaaars!! But I do not have the patience to do it on my own and it is expensive at the shop for a style so simple. I have tried asking friends to help but no one has actually help me do it. I helped a friend do this back in high school and I always wanted to try it but my hair is sooo thick and unruly. I am sure I will get frustrated and quit especially with those tiny straws and my hair. It looks great tho and more power to you.

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