ROLE ALERT: Ladies does this apply to you?

There are so many females that have or are currently sacrificing their happiness for the sake of the male species. I say this because some of us cannot and will not accept being alone. FOR CLARIFICATION PURPOSES THIS IS NOT A MAN BASH POST!!! In fact, both genders play an essential role and are vital for one another. The purpose of this post is to address the various roles ladies can play and what we need to do personally before we can truly say we are ready for a committed/successful relationship. Sometimes we possess certain personality traits and/or find ourselves in certain scenarios that can hinder us from healthy relationships or finding the right one. Here are a few different roles that I have observed.


Miss Relationship Rotation:

This is the female who CAN NOT stand the thought of being  by themselves so they are  on a never ending ferris wheel of having their time occupied by someone. Now, I say relationship because you have the ability to build connections and relationships with everyone, so in this scenario I do not mean “exclusive” relationship. Miss Relationship Rotation will settle for whoever is best for her at the moment to consume her idle time. Failing to realize that by doing this she is never giving herself an opportunity to become comfortable and content with who she is as an individual. She also may be exposing herself to some unnecessary people and messiness. Not only that but by doing this she could potentially miss out on her one and only someone that she is meant to be with. The reality is you need to become familiar with yourself as an individual so you can be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, what you can take and what you will not tolerate as well as what you can live with and what you can do without.

Miss Lack of Reality:

This particular female is in a relationship /situation that she feels is successful or has the potential to get there. Her outlook is tainted, she is unable to view her situation from a clear perspective because she is allowing her emotions to make decisions for her. Everyone else can see that it is a fail..but her. She wants love so desperately that she tends to tolerate a lot and often times too much. Due to the fact that she has such high hopes that he will change and rise to the occasion. When time and time again he has failed to due so.

Miss Too Independent:

Miss Too Independent is the female who has a lot to offer and is well aware of it. She is content with not only herself but her abilities as well and she knows what she can bring to the table. Her main outlook when it comes to finding that special someone is, “What can YOU do for ME?” Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with setting standards and or goals for what you want and the qualities you are looking for in the potential person you would like to build a relationship with. The issue with her outlook is that it is one sided and often interpreted as self centered, condescending and lacking flexibility. When you are seriously considering being in a relationship you should say, “What can WE do for EACH OTHER?”

The Man-Hater:

This female has a tendency to constantly have something negative to say about men in general. She feels that they all have ulterior motives and it all stems from her bitterness and terrible experiences. Not only does her opinion and mindset alter her attitude and outlook but she also  has a tendency to be the Negative Nancy and/or Debbie Downer in her group of female friends.

The Repeated Offender:

The Repeated Offender constantly finds herself in the same situation! Why you ask…because she goes for the same type of guys. Same guy, different face.


Overall as females before we can become someones other half we must first be whole. A lot of times, when we find ourselves in troubling and sometimes repetitive unsuccessfully situations, there is something deeper going on within us that needs to be addressed. Everyone has their personal struggles and we must address them so that we aren’t walking around with unnecessary and often hindering baggage. Be aware and confident in who and what you are as a woman. No one is perfect, so simply be cognizant of personal qualities that have to change or things you may want to improve. Do not allow your emotional ties to dictate your decisions. By seeing past emotion, we will gain the ability to view situations for what they truly are and not what we want them to be.

I am guilty of playing a couple of the roles above myself lol.

Have you ever played one of these roles? If so, what did you learn from playing that part?


4 thoughts on “ROLE ALERT: Ladies does this apply to you?

  1. Thank you for this post. I think we all fall once in a while into a not-so-healthy-role, depending where we are emotionally. At the end of the day, they are all learning experiences (hopefully), because the rope breaks eventually. After it breaks, do you do the same mistake again or do you learn and grow?! This is the key. I’m trying to learn at the moment (the hard way)! Vera

    • No problem! We only want to help others and sometimes when we are writing we are also talking to ourselves lol. You make a valid point we are supposed to learn and grow from our experiences and then effectively apply them to the next situation.

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