Length Check 1 2 1 2

Get it ….. like mic check one two one two …..  (maybe not) Okay anyways after 4 months (16 whole weeks) I finally decided to straighten my hair. I was craving a different look (probably because of Valentine’s Day) and because my goal is to retain length I wanted to share the results with you guys.

Now I thought about flat ironing my hair, allowing it to air-dry and doing it myself, but after working all day I did not have the ENERGY for all that *Sweet Brown voice*. So I applied Jane Carter Solutions Scalp Renew & Shea Moisture Deep Masque Treatment onto my scalp and hair, headed to a Dominican salon and I got a roller set for $40. (DISCLAIMER: I don’t go to the Dominicans often because it’s A LOT of heat however the roller set option isn’t too bad)

After taking the rollers out they used a blow dryer to flatten my roots and I was good to go!

I’m very excited because after letting the curls fall I can see that my hair has grown! And what’s even better is that I haven’t been obsessed with checking the length when its curly.

I find ‘Wrap, Snap & Go’ hair rollers very useful for preserving my curls when its flat ironed, plus they are comfortable! You can find them at Walgreens for about $10.

Below are pictures from my hair journey. <Upper left picture-February 2010. Upper right picture-February 2011. Bottom left picture-February 2012. Bottom right picture-October 2012 (the last time it was straightened)>:

If you are just starting your natural hair journey or a veteran in the game, I encourage you to take pictures. You can look back on them and see how much you’ve grown.

Because it can be hard for me to see my own length retention (through roller sets vs. bone straight hair) I plan on using this white tee shirt as a point of reference, meaning every time I straighten my hair I will mark the shirt where my hair ends.  So that visually I can see my progress over time:

According to eHow, hair grows on average about 6 inches per year. I hope the following techniques will maximize my length retention this year:

  • Minimal trimming – I am very scissor happy. (No seriously, if I feel like one curl isn’t doing right ….  SNIP SNIP) so I’m going to put the scissors down in hopes that I will see more growth
  • More Protective styling – Its very important to protect your ends especially throughout the winter months
  • Protein Treatments- Protein strengthens your hair

We shall see how this goes but so far so good, as always I will keep you updated. I’m still learning, growing, and loving every step of my journey!

What are some of your hair goals? And what steps are you taking to achieve them?


9 thoughts on “Length Check 1 2 1 2

  1. YES LENGTH!! Your hair looks great & healthy! It’s time for me to do a length check & get a trim but I’ve been up & down on if I want to get it straightened. I’ve been good with not putting heat on it except for when I wear my u wig and leave my leave out hair in the front! Decisions decisions! Ugh!

  2. Congrats on your growth ^^ I was scissor happy while I was transitioning but now I’m good lol. My length goal is to be CL in a year XD Maybe it’s a bit much but if my hair grows then I know I did something right and to keep on striving for my goals. Also, how often do you do protein treatments?? I just realized, thanks to your post that I haven’t done a protein treatment in 7mo. I’ve been thinking about doing one but now I’m like I need to do one!

    • Thanks for reading! I used to do protein treatments every 6 weeks when I had color in my hair now that it has grown out I have neglected the process :/ I’m going to start back up soon though. Yes HAIR GOALS! You can do it!

      • Oh wow, I thought you only needed to deep condition weekly with color. I guess I’ve been neglecting my hair more so than I thought :\

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