The Power of Positive Thinking

 Our mother is a very optimistic individual and that trait is definitely one that my sister and I both inherited. Although I am a relatively positive person, one of my personal goals in 2013 is to focus on positive thoughts, even when there is an obstacle in place that could ruin my vibe.

Here’s an example, it is very easy to be stuck in a rut or pissed that someone cut me off in traffic but more recently I’ve been thinking: What if I take the energy that I would use to get upset or flustered and instead focus on a positive thought? If I focus my energy on positivity, I know that my daily life will be a lot more productive .
I have many things that I would like to accomplish, I’m sure you do as well. Therefore, we can’t afford to waste energy on non-productive activities.
I started posing this question to myself:
In the grand scheme of life, if the action or situation
<Insert here: traffic/irritating coworker/stumping my toe>
will not hold any real merit in the long run …. Why focus my energy on it?
It takes much more energy to focus on negative thoughts/actions.
According to some of the benefits of thinking positive are:

Positive Thinkers Cope Better With Stress

Optimism Can Improve Your Immunity

Positive Thinking Is Good for Your Health

It Can Make You More Resilient

So I challenge you to think positive, even when someone gives you a reason to be irritated. Deflect that negative energy and focus on one of your positive goals!
Here are a few of mine:
Stretch my comfort zone
Not worry about what others think of me
Let go of (brushing off) consuming thoughts that don’t really matter at the end of the day because it’s NOT PRODUCTIVE
Now this post is definitely easier written than executed. I’m not proclaiming that I will never flip someone off in traffic again BUT I will make a conscience effort to put things into perspective.The next time I’m presented with a challenge, I plan on blogging. What can you do instead of being negative or stuck in a rut?

How can positive thinking improve your everyday life?


3 thoughts on “The Power of Positive Thinking

  1. This post is great. I’m having a very rough time in my life, so the negative thoughts come more often than I wish. Then.. I REALLY go and make a conscious effort to make them stop because they only cause more anxiety and sadness. That is for sure! Try to make a switch, look at the grand scheme and long run. Try to be more positive and kind to people around you, everyday! And yes, let it go and don’t let what others think of you get into your head. It’s you life! 🙂 Vera

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