‘The Corner’: Layers with Guest Blogger Krystal

‘The Corner’ section will feature guest bloggers and their many interest. Today’s guest blogger is our great friend Krystal! Everybody loves piecing together a great outfit and even in the winter months it’s important to dress warm and maintain your personal style. Today we will discuss layers with the fashionista herself!  Our very own personal stylist, you can check out Krystal below:

One should never have to compromise fashion for the warmth. It is not as easy to dress for a Saturday brunch with friends when the weather is 34 degrees and below. The key to going out in cold weather without having to bundle up is layering. After living in Milwaukee and New York, places known for having extremely cold winters, I have a formula down pat!
It starts with the basics: tights and camisoles. In the winter I wear them under everything! You can get tights and camis anywhere from Nordstrom to Walmart, they come in all different colors, but black and flesh tone are always a must have!
Our Japanese friends at Uniqlo have taken it a step further and created tights and camis that have HEATTECH Technology so they use your body heat to keep you extra warm.
From the basics, you can go with whatever you like a dress, skirt, tee shirt and jeans. This part of your ensemble should be great standing alone, meaning if wasn’t so cold you could go out with just that on and still look put together. Here I have on leggings and a solid black long sleeve tee. I could wear all black with my boots and accessories and still look great.
Outerwear doesn’t always have to be a bulky jacket and here I combined two pieces instead of wearing a heavy coat. The trick with layers is each piece should add to the outfit without taking away or being overkill. So my Aztec print cardigan and fur vest work with or without each other as well.  Wherever I go inside our outside I can take of an article of clothing and still have a complete look.
The finished outfit is very chic without looking bulky or completely covering up a great ensemble.
How do you maintain your style in the winter & stay warm?

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