Thinking Outside of The Box

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to give a gift but you do not have the proper funds to go out and buy something, you may need to get creative. This has happened to me on more than one occasion.  Since I was born with the natural ability to throw things together and come up with wonderful outcomes, sometimes I like to create things. Recently I have been making what I like to call “personalized-themed photo boxes.”


The above image is of the personalized photo box that I made my sister for her birthday. Her photo box had a girly/glamour theme. As you can see the photo box had a sparkly cheetah background with a gold picture frame that contained her picture. It also had a pink glittered crown with a zebra print V on top. She loved her gift! She knew it came from the heart and I personally feel that it truly captured her personality.

I have also made these for other occasions. The images below show the photo boxes that I made for Father’s Day this past year.



This photo box above was made for my Father (the best man alive) lol.  I highlighted the fact that my Father only has girls! His box had a black, silver and royal blue color theme and I included two photos. One of my dad and the other of me and my sister. The photo box also included a poem on the side. I could tell that he really liked the gift, he was surprised, and it meant a lot  to him that I took out the time to make it.


I also made a personalized photo box for my boyfriend’s father on Father’s Day. His box had an earth tone color theme. His box included a sign that said “like father, like son”  and a poem that surrounded the outside of the box. Inside of the box there was a burnt orange background and a gold picture frame that included a image of my boyfriend and his father together.    

These gifts have turned out to be  wonderful ideas. Everyone who has received one thus far has LOVED it!

How would you create a personalized gift from the heart?


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