Lyndsey & The Track Experiment!

My beautiful baby sister/future sister in law Miss Lyndsey Caldwell allowed me to experiment with her natural hair, we decided to sew in extensions!

Lyndsey’s Natural Hair Story

Lyndsey has been natural for the majority of her life and loved her hair for the most part, but she desired a more sleek look. After begging her mother, she finally received her first relaxer on her 16th birthday. She maintained the process for a year but ultimately decided that she missed her natural hair.  She transitioned for about two years until her relaxed ends grew out. Now she is fully natural again!

Her staple products include Pantene Curly Shampoo and Conditioner, Shea Butter, and Cantu Leave-In Conditioner. She also enjoys experimenting with different oils. One oil in particular that has really caught her attention is Organics Coconut Oil.

The Track Experiment

As you can see from the picture, Lyndsey has beautiful curls and tresses! However, she was feeling a tad bit bored with her curls and wanted to change up her style. That’s when I suggested that she let me try to install tracks in her hair! Tracks are a great way to add some flair to your style while protecting your tresses simultaneously.

To begin I co washed her hair using Jane Carter Conditioner. I allowed her hair to air dry. Then I parted her hair, leaving the front edges out all the way around her hair line. In the middle of her hair I did a square braid pattern. On the braids I used Cantu Shea Butter to ensure her hair was moisturized. Then I sewed in “Premium Too tracks in 16 and 18 inch” (color 1B) hair extensions into her braids. Her hair cost about 40 dollars per pack and I only used a pack and a half. To blend her hair I flat ironed her edges that were left out. I sprayed “Tyche Black Heat Protector” onto her hair before flat ironing it. To flat iron her hair I used a Chi flatiron set on 320 degrees.

(Fun Fact : NEVER set your flat iron at 400+ degrees at that point your hair can start to burn)

I know it sounds complicated but I PROMISE it’s a simple process, in fact, I plan on doing a video tutorial in the near future to show you just how easy it was! So stay tuned for the video.

All in all, it took about three hours to install, and Lyndsey can wear this style for at least three weeks as long as she protects her hair at night when she sleeps. The best part is Lyndsey can flat iron her tracks as much as she wants without worrying about damaging her real hair! It’s a win-win. Check out the end results below!



I think the experiment turned out great! What do you think?

Would you experiment with tracks?



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