Cool Spots: “Grits & Biscuits” Party

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a “Grits & Biscuits” party. I’ve heard about this party before but this was my first time actually attending.

The “Grits & Biscuits” party originated in New York by the E.Z. Mo Breezy group and is hosted there few times a years, it has even made its way to DC. (The next “Grits and Biscuits” event will be in Charlotte, NC the weekend of the CIAA)
Let me start by saying that I had an absolute BLAST! This party has a true “down south” style, I mean when’s the last time you heard “EVERYBODY GET YO ROLL ON”? It’s been a long WHILE for me lol but the DJ actually played it. In fact, he played all the new hits and a few oldies too.
I loved the chill atmosphere. You don’t want to get too dolled up because you will be overdressed and the party last until the wee hours of the morning, so a basic tee shirt, jeans, and boots are a perfect outfit choice. With a college house party feeling, but at an actual venue, “Grits & Biscuits” is a great time! I saw some old faces but also met new people.
This time it was held at the Fillmore in Silver Springs, Maryland. There were pre-sale tickets available online (which is the route that I would choose) but you can also Β purchase tickets at the door for $20. Β I’ve paid more to get into clubs in DC and didn’t have half as much fun at those clubs as I did here! Plus, they gave me a cool “Grits & Biscuits” fan (sorry there is no picture of the fan, I lost it due to all the fun I was having), I even met Raheem Devaughn.
The next time this party is in the area, I will be in attendance! If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of these shindigs I suggest you take advantage. It’s an awesome time, chill atmosphere, great music & people!
Would you attend “Grits and Biscuits”?

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