Long Story Short- Charla’s Natural Hair Journey


IMAG2150 IMAG2158

Throughout my childhood, I did not have a relaxer and my hair was in a very healthy state. I received my first relaxer right before middle school.  From that point forward my hair went through what felt like, a never ending cycle of breaking off and growing back. I never seemed to be able to achieve the length that I once had in my younger years.

I finally decided to just chop all my hair off at the beginning of my sophomore year in college. 

34978_1434980999930_1881932_nIMG_20120517_160512  260350_1962715152954_3301956_n259926_1952165889229_8076381_n265108_1952167329265_5105611_n

I kept my hair in a short cut for three years and I loved it! I cut it because I was tired of worrying about achieving length and I simply wanted to reinvent myself. Through having a short hair cut I was able to see that  my hair did in fact grow and at a good rate! 

During my finally semester in school I decided to grow my hair out without using any chemicals. My hair was slightly shorter than the first picture that is posted of my short haircut phase. After having my haircut for so long, I just wanted something different. I got my last relaxer in April of 2011. I decided to transition, which was not a difficult process for me personally because my hair was already very short (due to my hairstyle). When I first began transitioning I did a lot of protective styles like  finger waves (as seen above), senegalese twist, box braids and tracks to avoid putting heat on my hair. 

IMAG0742 65700_3012516357328_1889335301_n IMAG0727-1

Here are some pictures of protective styles (above), I have box braids and in the middle picture I have tracks.


The above picture is of when I first flat ironed my natural hair in October 2011. I still had some relaxer on my ends but I was almost completely natural. I actually cut all of my relaxed ends off in December 2011.

IMG_20120605_124745 IMAG1431 IMAG1849 (1) IMAG1850

The above pictures are from when I started wearing my natural hair out this past summer, the first picture was taken on June 5, 2012 it had been a little over a year of me being natural.  The second picture was taken on July 18, 2012. And the last two pictures were taken on September 11, 2012. I saw a lot of growth over the summer!


Above are images of styles done with my hair, both were taken this past summer. The left picture shows my hair in 2 two strand twist and the image on the right shows my hair in a low bun with the top of my hair twisted and pinned. I am learning more and more about my hair everyday.  I’ve only been on my natural journey for a year and a half. So I will continue to post updates and share my journey as I experience it. The images below are from the last time I flat ironed my hair.  (November 2, 2012)



I take care of my hair the best way I possible can just by simply keeping it moisturized and avoiding heat. I am not obsessed with my hair and “I don’t sit around and watch it grow” as I like to say lol. I feel like I have already wasted too much time doing that for too many years. Having no chemicals in my hair/being natural is just the best option for me personally and my hair is the healthiest it had been in a long time.  I am extremely happy with the results thus far and I am excited to see whats to come! What are some of your hair goals?


10 thoughts on “Long Story Short- Charla’s Natural Hair Journey

    • Thank you so much! You can do it! Growing your hair out from a short haircut style can cause your hair to feel awkward at some point (as far as the shape of your hair and how it make look pressed/straightened) The way I was able to deal with it was by having different styles like braids, twists, and tracks. You just have to play with it!

  1. Love the title and article. You used to ROCK that short cut Lovey. Those fingerwaves were so elegant and classy on you. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I went from short relaxed cut to texturized twa. That transition was a pain. Finger eaves wouldn’t stay well because of me working out. I as so happy when I had enough hair for him to chop it off. After that, the transition from texturizing to natural was just a matter of getting the texturizer cut out every few weeks.

    Your hair looks great! 🙂

  3. Great Post! Like you I do the best with my hair and im not obsessed with it. I am just letting it grow out and be the healthiest that it can be. I made the decision to have heathy hair. *AnnA*

    • And I love that mindset! I personally feel that too many people become obsessed with the whole natural hair journey thing! lol That is why having healthy hair is my main focus. I am glad that we share the same goal!

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