Super Cute…Inexpensive Decorative Idea!

Personalized Decorative Mirror

Background: So….I made a personalized mirror for Vee in 2010, when I officially became a member of a wonderful organization that she was apart of as well. I brought and decorated a mirror (found below) to represent our connection!


This was a very inexpensive project that turned out to be super cute and still functional as a mirror. I brought the mirror from dollar general for about ten dollars! The materials I used were acrylic paint, glue, glitter, small wooden numbers and letters, fake ivy leaves, gold spray paint and 2 permanent markers. Total, I spent no more than 20 dollars on all of the materials. Closer shots of finished product are below. (Left: Top of the mirror; Right: Bottom of mirror)


For all of you artistic folks you could personalize a gift with some items you just have laying around, a great rainy day project. What would you create?


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