Never Stop Evolving

I once cut out a picture from a magazine that contained an image of a quote which stated, “I’m older now, I know who I am. I’m not still figuring myself out — I’m past that stage.” I altered the statement to say instead, “I’m older now, I’m looking for who I am. I’m still figuring myself out — I’m not past that stage yet.

I originally selected this image to become apart of a collage that represented my own individualism in 2009. And today 4 years later that quote still makes me go into deep thought. The question that I would like to pose is, DOES one ever truly and completely find them self? I can understand becoming very familiar with ones self but complete knowledge makes me wonder.
Life is a journey of GROWTH and ADVANCEMENT. You live to discover and explore, at times fail, make decisions both good and bad and reflect. Everyone’s experiences mold them into their own personal being.
If all of the phases in that picture are constant then I feel that complete self discovery is an unobtainable goal. And those who claim to have achieved it have become complacent. When an individual has become content with themselves it can also mean the individual is no longer giving themselves the opportunity for more advancement.
Everyone desires to go on their own personal journey of self discovery. It is never too late to begin but it is better to start sooner than later. There is nothing wrong with becoming more familiar with self. It will lead you to CLARITY&GROWTH! When you discover yourself life is better…plan and simple NEVER STOP EVOLVING!
How are you making steps to evolve?

2 thoughts on “Never Stop Evolving

  1. This is so true! To quote India Arie, “life is a journey, not a destination”. We are always evolving and changing, it’s called growth! It’s not always easy and can be painful at times, but if I were the same person I was at 18, that would be painful too…lol

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