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We’re making some changes and moving our website is one of them! Although we won’t be deleting this blog link please be sure to keep up with us by continuing to visit greenevdc.com! If you are a subscriber and we have your email address you don’t have to worry about not receiving our updates. However, WordPress.com followers will only see our new posts in the Reader. (WordPress.com followers will not receive email updates unless they subscribe to our new site) ….. so go subscribe if you are a wordpress subscriber lol and please let us know what you think of our new lay out!

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Tiffany’s Hair Story

Today’s feature is our sorority sister Tiffany. Her beautiful hair is almost waist length. As hard as it is to believe her inner beauty actually outshines the outward! Catch up with the gorgeous Tiffany below:

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 7.05.26 PM

When did you decide to go natural and why? 

I went natural in 2004. Initially it was because I was a college student and didn’t have time or money to get relaxers. I had about 2 inches of new growth and didn’t have any issues straightening it. This was a little before the days of it being an “I am woman, hear me roar” movement to go natural. I just wanted the most minimal approach to doing my hair. I thought to myself, “why get them if I don’t need them?” That was the end of that!

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Seven Questions with Celebrity Hair Stylist Seven

Today’s feature is the award winning celebrity hairstylist Adrin ‘Seven’ Washington. His salon located inside of LUX Studios in Bethesda, Maryland specializes in educating clients about healthy and luxurious hair. We got the chance to chat with him below! Check out his advice on maintaining fabulous hair:


Can you give us some general tips on how to maintain healthy hair?

The best way to maintain healthy hair is to deep condition your hair once every four shampoos; eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water; exercise regularly; protect your hair while resting; refrain from excessive heat when styling your hair; get a haircut regularly to maintain shape and promote growth; and visit Seven and Company often!

Hair & Make Up - Adrin Seven Washington Models - from left to right - Tanya Zalecki & LaWanda Amaker Photographer - Long Nguyen

Hair & Make Up – Adrin Seven Washington
Models – from left to right – Tanya Zalecki & LaWanda Amaker Photographer – Long Nguyen

Many curly girls are worried about losing their curl patterns when they straighten their hair.  What is the healthiest/safest way to ‘straighten’ natural hair?

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iPod Shuffle Selection

Howdy Peps! In honor of the late great Aaliyah’s birthday yesterday (she would’ve been 35 … geesh time is flying), today’s iPod Shuffle Selection is one of our favs from her. The beat is still sick in 2014 and whenever this one comes on we all get out of our seats!! We hope you enjoy *singing* ‘Cuz I really need somebody tell me are you that Somebody?!’ and have a great weekend!

What’s your favorite Aaliyah track?


The Greene Gals

The 7 Layer Salad

Spending time with the fam over the holidays felt like a breath of fresh air, it was literally like a recharge to our spirits! One of our favorite ways to celebrate is cooking together.

A very healthy and simple dish that we made that you can add your own spin to is the seven layer salad!

seven layer salad

seven layer salad

You start with a bowl:

Add a head of lettuce

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Make Up Fun & Photo Shoots

Howdy peoples! While we were at home [in good ol North Cackalacky] celebrating the holidays, we had the opportunity to take some awesome photos and shoot a video with our friend Reginald Peterson II, 1/16th Media Productions LLC.

what;s greenevdc

First we headed to the Mac Cosmetics Counter at Belk’s because let’s face it …. we girls looove to get all prettied up lol. We had an appointment with lovely make up artists Jade and Amber. They were extremely friendly, professional, and had us looking RIGHT!

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